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2024 Rainmakers in CRE Debt, Equity & Finance

Gantry's Self Storage Team Recognized As's 2024 Rainmaker In CRE Debt, Equity and Finance.

By Erika Murphy

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Gantry Inc.'s self storage finance team was founded in 2012. Gantry has originated self-storage loans since before 2000 and committed to educating its extensive roster of life company correspondents on the nuances and operative best practices of self-storage lending in the aftermath of the Great Recession when it encountered an increasing number of self-storage financing requests. During the past decade, this commitment involved a thorough exploration of market trends, demand analysis, lease-up strategies, operative best practices, and ultimately the active involvement in shaping loan products tailored for self-storage borrowers offered by these lenders. These efforts resulted in Gantry successfully closing the first self-storage loan for several insurance company lenders new to this asset class and the emergence of a dedicated self-storage finance team, which has pioneered a new loan option - a bridge-to-permanent loan structure that provides the stability of a fixed rate, often with an initial interest-only period, and is underwritten to anticipate future stabilization during the term. The team works with more than 100 life company, bank, debt fund and conduit lenders to identify options that will optimize a client's self-storage finance strategy. The team has completed $1.5 billion in self-storage financing transactions during the past 36 months, including some complex, multistate portfolio assignments and financings for assets in transition. Gantry self-storage team principals and directors are active members of the California Self-Storage Association. Team members also are active in the Mortgage Bankers Association and often contribute as experts on topics related to self-storage lending at the organization's CREF

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